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ER Podcast 028 – Yngryd – January 2018

Twenty-eighth of the Eclectic Reactions’ monthly podcast series, this time by Yngryd. Born in Chile, Ingrid Celis lives in Gasteiz, since she was 16 years old, where she actively participates in the electronic scene as a Jimmy Jazz’ resident, founding Insomnia Cycle, participating in the Mugako Festival, and extending her activity to Germany (Tresor New Faces), London, Madrid or Bilbao during the last years. Throughout 50 minutes she shows us through a careful selection the eclectic, atmospheric, logical and coherent essence of her sets, along an industrial sound, techno and ambient, flirting with the idm and breakbeats, offering an example of passion, attitude and elegance. Tracklist on soundcloud.

ER Podcast 027 – EX – December 2017

27th of the monthly podcast series of Eclectic Reactions, corresponding to the set played by Ex at Distopia Club last December 22nd.

EX is the personal project of the Cantabrian artist producer Gonzalo G. De Celis, with influences of industrial sound, techno and wave, he participated in multiple projects such as SAGAAN and played in numerous European festivals. The Podcast contains a mix of field recordings, tracks and samples from artists like Klaus Schulze, Luc Ferrari, Samuel Kerridge, Ex, Violet Poison, Damaskin, Phase Fatal, aufnahme + wiedergabe, Sagaan, Northern Structures …

ER Podcast 026 – Arch – November 2017

26th of the ER podcasts by one of the most important and fundamental figures on the Spanish clubbing scene. Arch, a basque settled in Madrid, leads the Femur label and he is the mastermind behind the legendary Femur Club, being in the music vanguard of the Madrid clubbing and surely in the Spanish clubbin scene during the last 6 years.
Showing his vast knowledge and eclecticism, he gives us an acoustic, careful, exquisite, suggestive, balanced and wonderful tour, both in the background and in the forms.

ER Podcast 025 – Eder Crocket – October 2017

25th of the Eclectic Reactions monthly podcast by Eder Croket, one of the important pieces of the scene from Madrid, whether through Discoteca or his work as DJ the last years.
50 minutes through Nu-Disco, House, Acid, New Wave and Techno in a coherent and elegant travel, with a great track selection and a tender execution.

ER Podcast 024 – DJ HE – September 2017

Twenty fourth of the ER monthly podcast series by DJ He, a born cultural agitator and an important piece of the Bilbao clubbing scene. “He” brings us a lisergic and cinematic trip throughout36 tracks in about an hour, coherent and richly layered saddled between ambient, experimentation or even downtempo, breaks , IDM and infinite memorable variations. Bravo.

ER Podcast 023 – Mrs Blonde – August 2017

23th Eclectic Reactions podcast by Mrs Blonde, a breath of fresh air in the booths of Bilbao in the recent years, who elaborate in almost an hour an elegant example of heterogeneity and soul through a sonorous trip from ambient and experimental to breaks, ranging from jazz, break beats, electro and latin rooted music. A must for these final summer days.

ER Podcast 022 – Easyer – July 2017

22th Eclectic Reactions podcast, this time by Easyer, young blood and relevant figure of the new electronic scene of Bilbao and one of the Downtown Disco Club masterminds.
Almost an hour of elegant and classy eclecticism, traveling from ambient, free jazz, ethnic reminiscenses… to funky, disco, electro or the deepest house.

ER Podcast 021 – Josechu Souldier – May 2017

21st of the ER podcasts by Josechu Souldier. Coming from Paris and settled in Cantabria he brings us a very well executed mix where every detail is adjusted within a milimeter. Being one of the top acts on the last Mugako festival, he makes a very eclectic speech full of atmospheres with ambient, IDM, industrial, techno, experimental… Where the 99% of the tracks are unreleased ones by spanish artists.

ER Podcast 020 – Gus Van Sound – April 2017

Twentieth of the ER Podcas series by Gus Van Sound, prolific DJ from Barcelone, resident of Moog Club and co-owner of the labels Clasicos Del Ruido and Polybius Tracks, two of the most interesting labels in the last years.
Almost an hour of an impeccable vinylmix walking between darkwave, minimal electronics, acid or even techno and ethnic sounds. A must.

ER Podcast 019 – Ene Kat – March 2017

Nineteenth ER podcast by the basque DJ Ene Kat. Known for his special sets along the north, he brings us almost an hour of musical journey through breakbeat, IDM, Jazz, Soul, Dub, Latin or even House, hip-hop, experimental, dowmtempo or trip-hop.
A coherent set, dynamic and full of deep flow and soul.

ER Podcast 018 – Antoni Maiovvi -February  2017

First ER podcast for 2017, 18th of the series by Antoni Maiovvi. Cofounder of Giallo Disco Records, the artist from Bristol brings a 45 minute set recorded in a recent visit to Bilbao to the Vocoder Club, walking between Italo, Horror Disco, synth music and House shades, serving as a warm up for a next Eclectic Reactions release with a new aka coming this March.

ER Podcast 017 – Nöle – December 2016

To close this 2016 we have the seventeenth of the ER podcast series by Nöle, the aka of Imanol Pagola a Dj and producer from the north of Spain stettled in Madrid.
Resident of the Stardust club in Madrid, demonstrates in this one hour set why he is one most interesting figures of the spanish scene, bringing us a travel through industrial sounds to darkest techno with touches of EBM, acid, electro… showing us a big coherence between styles and a magnificent development.öle

ER Podcast 016 – Balza – November 2016

Sixteenth of the ER Podcast series for November 2016. Balza is a representative figure of the Basque electronic scene, cofounder of the Kogollo Party Crew and one of the responsible of the Haus Of Beats radio show. With more than 15 years of DJ backgorund and residence in various clubs from the north of Spain he brings us almost one hour and a half of Electro in all of its forms, expressing logic, elegance and coherence in a full of soul and well executed trip.

ER Podcast 015 – WLDV – October 2016

Fifteenth of the Eclectic Reactions podcast series by the Horror/Giallo Disco and Italo DJ and producer from Bilbao WLDV (We Love Dolce Vita). More than an hour only vinylmix travel from more dark synth and spacey disco oriented sounds to a little EBM and old school sounding Acid/Techno tracks, always surrounded by a dark feeling.

ER Podcast 014 – Alfred Adler – September 2016

Fourteenth of the Eclectic Reactions monthly podcast for september 2016. Alfred Adler coming from Burgos but now settled in Bilbao, with almost 20 years of experience producing and djing shows us his eclecticism on this 100% vinyl mix, were he drives us in an hiptonic travel, elegant and full of sensibility, creating a genuine cocktail between ambient, leftfield, house, techno, acid, jazz and minimal full of soul. Lesson.

ER Podcast 013 – I-Real – July 2016

Thirteenth of the Eclectic Reactions podcast series for july 2016. For this time, I-Real, one of the key pieces of dance music in the Basque Country for the last fifteen years , whose work has been published by Soul Notes, Eclectic Reactions, Editorial , Los Grandes or Groove Democracy , offers a podcast of almost two hours which pivots around the dance floor, ingeniously mixed loaded with an overwhelming atmosphere.

ER Podcast 012 – Katza – June 2016

Twelfth of the Eclectic Reactions podcast series for june 2016. For this time, Katza, half of the Paraleloan events offers us an incredibly eclectic track selection of artist and styles gathered in an hour podcast. Taking the experimentation as start point, he drives us through diferent genres like folk, kraut, rock, reggae, idm, techno, leftfield, tribal, industrial or EBM… Giving the mix heterogeneity, logic and sense. Spectacular.

ER Podcast 011 – Dj Trampas – May 2016

Eleventh of the monthly Eclectic Reactions podcast series for May 2016 from Iker Uriarte aka DJ Trampas. About 100min mix with sounds going from Techno, Tech-House, Electro, Acid full of high level technical skills and a very refined track selection giving it the unique energy on the way he only know how to do.

ER Podcast 010 – Fernando Carvalho – April 2016

Tenth of the podcast series by Fernando Carvalho for april 2016. One hour trip of experimental and drone-ambient sounds recorded live at Club Le Larraskito on april 23th.

ER Podcast 009 – Negocius Man – March 2016

Ninth of the Eclectic Reactions monthly podcasts series, this one for March 2016 comes from Negocius Man aka of Roberto Rey. Almost 70 minutes of breakbeats, from Abstract Hip Hop to IDM, Dub, Electro or Trip-Hop in a mix amazingly mixed and with a memorable track selection.

ER Podcast 008 – Koldo Intermusic – February 2016

Eighth of the ER podcast series, this time by the man behind Northern Block, Koldo Intermusic from San Sebastian. His 15 years of career has consolidated him as one of the main pieces in techno on the north of Spain. He offers us a great selection of tracks with elegant skills in about an hour of mental techno.

ER Podcast 007 – Chelis – January 2016

Seventh of the ER podcast series, this time by one of the best and eclectic DJs in Spain: Chelis.
Awarded as best national discjockey by the Rockdelux magazine for the 4th time he brings us almost one hour of contemporary, ambient and experimental travel of landscapes seasoned with some subtle beats.


ER Podcast 006 – Neobot – December 2015

Sixth of the Eclectic Reactions podcast series. December 2015. One hour of experimental and industrial techno grooves by Neobot. Owners of Eclectic Reactions, Radithor & Sunrea aka Neobot, recorded this live set at Distopia Club the 352nd day of 2015.


ER Podcast 005 – Aiken – November 2015

Fifth of the Eclectic Reactions podcast series.
One hour galactic travel throught detroitian sounds by Aiken.

ER Podcast 004 – DioCuro – October 2015

Fourth of the Eclectic Reactions Podcast series.
More than one hour of mental landscapes, distorted rhythms, vocals, ambiences and constant energy by DioCuro.

ER Podcast 003 – Error Etica – September 2015

Third of the Eclectic Reactions Podcast series.
About 55 minutes of dark, industrial and experimental techno grooves by the Psychoskunk Recordings mastermind Error Etica aka Victor Martinez.

 ER Podcast 002 – Radithor – July 2015

Second of the Eclectic Reactions Podcast series.
About 65 minutes of industrial and experimental techno mixed with ambient and drone atmospheres on vinyl and CD by Radithor, cofounder of the label.

ER Podcast 001 – Sunrea – June 2015

First Eclectic Reactions podcast with Sunrea, cofounder of the label. One hour of vinyl techno, industrial and dark dancefloor sounds. Tracklist on soundcloud track info.