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ER014 Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián – …everything about the beating of dead horses


Fourteenth of the Eclectic Reactions releases, coming from the Venezuelan composer settled in Madrid Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián and entitled “…everything about the beating of dead horses”.
Limited edition of 70 cassettes with special packaging and a print of pure data code of one of the tracks on vegetal paper, and as extra content the patches for Pure Data and Sonic Pi of two of the tracks.
Four tracks throughout almost half an hour of sonic experimentation, electroacustic and microtonalism, performed with neatness and a lot of soul under the pretil of the computer music.

Purchase ER014 Joaquin Mendoza Sebastian – … everything about the beating of dead horses

Apart of this you can download the patches for two tracks, for Pure Data and Sonic π here:
Pure Data Patch – Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián – Seres Luminosos

Sonic Pi Patch – Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián – Atenas

You can also download Pure Data and Sonic π for free here:
Pure Data

Sonic π

er014_joaquin_mendoza_sebastian_everything_about_the_beating_of_dead_horses_cassette_01 er014_joaquin_mendoza_sebastian_everything_about_the_beating_of_dead_horses_cassette_02